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The Magic of Madagascar

The Magic of Madagascar

If you like contrasts, try the beautiful 1000 mile long spice island of Madagascar, with its arid south, tropical rainforest, mountains and palm fringed white sands lapped by azure Indian Ocean. Nominally part of the African continent, it seems to owe more to its indonesian settlers than its African cousins- even the locals are a bit confused!

Change a few hundred Euros into local currency and you become an Ariary millionaire and oh, the foibles of the national airline that frustrates locals and tourists alike. It has to be experienced to be believed.

This is the place to be if you really do long to be up close and personal to the wildlife. Nowhere else in the world do you find lemurs (some 70 species) – from the beautiful cream Sifacas of the south who leap across open spaces on their back legs with arms in the air as if to say ” don’t shoot me”, to the tiny nocturnal Mouse Lemur and the largest of them all, the Indri (the size of a 5 year old child).┬áMarvel at their soft fur and velvet- yes, you really cant get that close.For a never to be forgotten experience, listen to the beautiful, haunting song of the Indri echoing through the forest.

Now, that is really magical, and you will only ever hear it on Madagascar.

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